Property Tax

Make a Payment

Tax Bills

Tax bills are mailed in the early autumn of each year to the owner of record of the property as of January 1st. Payments are due 60 days after the mailing of the notices (the due date is published on the notice).

Sample Tax Bill

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Assessment Notices

Earlier in the year, property owners will receive a property assessment notice revealing the value of the property as determined by the Douglas County Appraisal Department/Board of Assessors. On that form will be an estimated tax payment for the year. This is only an estimate. The actual amount of taxes due will be determined after each governing body (Douglas County Board of Commissioners, Douglas County Board of Education, City of Douglasville Mayor and Council, City of Villa Mayor and Council, and City of Austell Mayor and Council) sets its property tax millage rate.

Ownership Changes

If a property changes ownership during the year, it is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to work out who pays any owed taxes. The Tax Commissioner is not responsible for determining a property owner ’s payment obligation; this is usually done at the time of the property closing. Our records reflect the owner as of January 1 st each year.

Property Exemptions

Property owners may apply for exemptions year-round. However, applications must be made by April 1st to receive the exemption for that tax year as long as the qualification age and ownership were reached as of January 1st of the taxable year. Failure to submit the application on or before April 1st forfeits the right to exemptions for that tax year. All exemptions are automatically renewed each year unless there is a change of ownership of the property or the property owner no longer meets the eligibility requirements. Refinancing a home does not require a new application for exemptions unless a name change on the property occurs and the prior homestead qualifier is removed from the deed.