Payments FAQs

Online Payment

What type of payment method is acceptable?

Payments are accepted via Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover

Is there a processing fee?

Yes, there is a 3% service fee based upon the to tal amount of the payment. The service fee is charged by a third-party company, Government Window, to cover the cost of this convenient and secure payment services.

Can I pay for more than one property at a time?

Yes, our website can now accept one payment for multiple properties. Choose the tax year, search, add to cart. At this point you may change the amount of payment then click Pay Tax Bill(s). You may also pay on multiple properties by clicking back and search for the next property to add to the cart for payment

Do I have to pay the full installment amount?

No, you can make partial payments as needed. Choose the tax year, search, add to cart. At this point you may change the amount of the payment then click Pay Tax Bill(s). 

What if I did not receive my property tax bill?

In accordance with State law, tax bills ae mailed to the Owner of Record as of January 1 st of the tax year. Bills are also mailed to the current owner, if different. Failure o receive a bill does not relieve the responsibility of paying taxes dues. It is the property owner’s responsibility to update our records with current mailing address information. 

How do I know that my payment was made?

After completing the payment process, a confirmation page with a corresponding confirmation number will be displayed. You are encouraged to print this page for your records. Additionally, we’ll send you the same information by e-mail within one hour of your transaction. 

Is there a certain time when I can't pay my taxes online?

We can accept payments online for the prior years. Current year taxes are available for online payments once the bills have been mailed out.

Why is my e-mail address required on the payment page?

We use e-mail to give you a final confirmation of your payment or let you know if there was a problem processing your payment. We will not sell or distribute your e-mail information to outside parties. If you don’t wish to receive an e-mail confirmation message, uncheck the box provided on the form.