Homestead Exemption

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Property Tax Relief Grant

Regular Homestead Exemption

The Regular Homestead Exemption is a reduction of $2,000 off the assessed value for School taxes, and $6,000 for County taxes.

  • The Regular Homestead Exemption applies only to the house owned and occupied by the taxpayer as his/her legal residence as of January 1st.
  • Only one Regular Homestead Exemption is allowed per immediate family group (husband and wife, husband and husband, wife and wife)
  • Mobile home owners must own the land and home to qualify.
  • State of Georgia law requires that all owned or leased vehicles must be registered in the County where the owner claims the Regular Homestead Exemption. Persons registering vehicles or claiming the Regular Homestead Exemption in another State or County are not entitled to the Regular Homestead Exemption in Douglas County.
  • Persons applying for a Regular Homestead Exemption must have a Georgia ’s Driver ’s License or State of Georgia-issued ID.
  • Regular Homestead Exemptions may be applied for online or in person.
  • Apply online by submitting this form
  • To apply in person in the office, please bring with you a copy of your current motor vehicle registration showing that your name and mailing address are the same as the property address for which you are filing. If you do not have a vehicle in your name, bring copies of two utility bills in your name with the site address and mailing address that is the same as the property for which homestead is requested. Please bring with you a valid Georgia ’s Driver ’s License or State of Georgia-issued ID.