Motor Vehicle

Specialty Plates

The Georgia Department of Revenue is proud to be able to offer current and retired military members specialty license plates to honor your service. License plates are available for Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine, Navy, National Guard and US Reserves, as well as specific plates for veterans who are recognized for their service above and beyond.

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Disabled Plates

Citizens with permanent disabilities are eligible for disabled plates, which must be applied for in person. You must also meet the same requirements as above:

  • Your doctor must complete and notarize form MV-9D and then this must be submitted to our office along with a copy of your Georgia driver’s license or ID card.
  •  A signed and dated statement by a doctor on prescription paper may be submitted including the disabled person’s name and that the disability is permanent. The prescription paper must include the doctor’s printed name, address, phone number and the doctor’s license number. This document can be submitted along with a copy of your Georgia driver’s license or ID card.

A disabled person’s license plate costs $20 plus any other fees and penalties which may apply, including ad valorem tax and TAVT if applicable.

If the vehicle currently has a valid Georgia license plate and a disabled person’s license plate is being requested for that same vehicle, the Georgia license plate must be returned to the tag office. If it is not returned, a disabled person’s license plate cannot be issued.

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