New Residents

The Douglas County Tax Commissioner Greg Baker and staff, extends a warm welcome to you and your family.  As a new resident settling into your new home, you will probably have many questions.  We encourage you to use our site frequently.

Below you will find helpful information as well as links to help maneuver through our Tax Commissioners website with ease and efficiency.

Property Tax Information

Have you applied for your Homestead Exemption?

A Homestead Exemption provides a significant reduction in annual property taxes and is available to individuals who own and reside in a home in Douglas County.   Once the exemption is granted, it remains in place as long as the applicant continues to reside at the property.  A Property Assessment Freeze is applied to all properties granted homestead exemption for County Assessments.

Are you 62 and older or disabled?

You may be eligible for even more savings with one of our special exemptions.  These savings can include a reduced or elimination of school taxes.

Motor Vehicle

You must notify our office if you have moved within Douglas County or from another county.

An updated address on your driver’s license will not appear in our database due to the fact that we are not affiliated with the Georgia Department of Driver’s Services.  Please contact us to change your address.

Individuals moving to Georgia have 30 calendar days to register their vehicles.  Customers are required to pay the following:

Title Fee – $18.00

Tag Fee – $20.00

We accept the following forms of Payment with photo ID: Cash, Local checks payable to the Douglas County Tax Commissioner, or Debit Cards and VISA, MasterCArd, Discover and American Express credit cards with a 2.3% convenience fee.

Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT)

Individually owned and business owned vehicles (including leases) requires full payment of TAVT at the time of registration.

The following is a list of items needed to register your vehicle in Douglas County: Proof of ownership, which could be either of the following:

Leased Vehicle

  • Lessee (customer) must present the original lease agreement along with an original notarized Power-of-Attorney from the leasing company authorizing the lessee to register the vehicle in Georgia.
  • Passing Georgia emissions test ( If Required)
  • Valid Georgia insurance
  • Georgia Driver’s License or ID card with your current Douglas County address
  • Proof of Douglas County address if Georgia Driver’s License or ID card does not have your current address:
    • Lease, deed or closing statement
    • Current utility statement i.e. gas, light or water
    • Current paycheck stub
    • Current bank statement

Clean Air Force

For the Clean Air Force there is a representative available onsite Tuesday and Thursdays from 8:30am–12:30pm and 1:00pm-5:00pm.  If you would like to speak to a representative call 1.800.449.8471